Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in the World

Viruses are malicious software’s that replicate them. Thus, they spread from one computer to another computer. They are created by hackers with the wrong intentions of stealing your confidential data and information which you keep on your system. There are many cases of cyber-attacks, from a home user to a business user. Hackers are developing new skills each day with introducing a new virus to unframe the security you have created for your computer.

There are some most notorious and malicious viruses of all time, which are very harmful for your computer. Once they enter into your system, they do not leave a source for you to gain access to your computer back. The only option you are left with is to format your computer’s hardrive. In case, if you have not saved your data you may suffer a huge amount of loss. This is like a nightmare to one who has faced cruelty of cyber attackers.

There are many destructive computer viruses in cyber-crime, which are known for their deadly damage they have caused. Following are some most dangerous viruses of the world, which have made massive destruction with their entry in the cyber world, these are:


In the year 2000, this virus has proved itself to be a very destructive virus, with the attack of more than 10 millions of personal computers. The words of this virus denotes love and affection but the disaster it created by spreading via e-mail from one computer to another on its own by selecting people and forwarding the e-mail, having a subject “ILOVEYOU” and with the attachment “LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.vbs”.


This virus came in 2001, which has affected many personal computers badly. The main thing was that, its capability to infect your computer with just an internet connection, while you do not need to open any e-mail attachment. While browsing it displays on the web page, “HACKED BY CHINESE!” After your computer got infection, virus makes multiple copies of itself, ending up eating a lot of system resources. It has hit approx. more than 1 million personal computers by causing a lot of damage.


This virus was explored in 2004, which spread quickly in a deceitful manner via e-mails. It uses the text, “Andy; I’m just doing my job, nothing personal, sorry,” on clicking the message, it finds e-mail addresses of user and transfers itself by forwarding e-mails to those users on its own. Thus, it transferred via e-mail into those users personal computer. Following the same process, it spread to more than 1 million computers and it has caused a huge damage of approx. 38 billion dollars.


It was identified in 2006, as a Trojan horse that has infected several computers. It by arranging fake links to users tricks them and turns computer into a botnet, thereby leaving computer inaccessible spreads to whole system. IT spreads through spam with the recent weather disaster subject, “230 dead as storm batters Europe”, “Naked teens attacked home director” and the like subjects. This made the virus to be counted in the most dangerous viruses of the world.

What is Malwarebytes or Anti-Malware?

Antivirus provides your PC best protection against various malicious threats such as viruses, worms, adwares etc. It not only safeguards your computer by cyber attacks but also improve performance of your PC. But there are various sectors where antivirus is unable to secure safety of your computer. Hackers find all of their possible techniques to attack on the security of your data and reach to your computer. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep substitute for the security of your computer. And going beyond antivirus gives additional security to your computer.

You should also use anti-malware program with a good antivirus. Anti-malware is software which keeps your computer secure from malware’s which are malicious software, that are specifically designed to disguise you and attacks on the security and privacy of your computer. You definitely should install anti-malware to give your PC, a basic level of protection from malware’s.

Here, In This Article We Will Discuss Malware bytes Version 3.0:

Malwarebytes is a most popular and widely use malware protection suite that can be used by home users and corporate users.

• It is one of those protection suites, which protects your computer from the attacks of malwares. It shows on its dashboard security status of your PC, You’re Running Malwarebytes Free.

• It is very good at finding unwanted threats that may infect your computer. Version 3.0 contain anti-exploit feature, that blocks common exploit even zero-days attacks that were never seen before.

• It gives best protection to ransomware as well, it blocks extortion attacks like crypto-ransomware which encrypts your data files and ask for ransom.

Malwarebytes 3.0 is a combination of Malwarebytes anti-ransomware tool, Malwarebytes anti-exploit and PUP protection. This makes it capable to give best protection against malwares and ransomwares.

• It is said to be a complete solution for all malicious existing threats.

• Where antivirus block any virus to reach to your computer or removes it if infects your computer. Malware on the other hand protects your computer by not allowing entry to the threats to your computer.

• It stops malicious software, even to reach to your computer security at the very first place.

• Malwarebytes 3.0 comes in free and premium version. You can opt according to your security need.

• Free version malware needs to be started manually, which looks and eliminates viruses with its 14 days free trial it gives real-time protection. But after 14 days, it reverts to a free version and without having real-time protection.

• But free version only gives protection against malwares and PUPs. Also it does not come with anti-exploit and anti-ransomware features like in the premium version.

• It is a good protection for your windows PC. Premium version of Malwarebytes 3.0 includes many layers of advanced protection that it works great is generally said to be a replacement of antivirus.

• Premium version is therefore recommended for the complete protection of your PC from malware’s and ransomwares too. It has features like, web protection, exploit protection, malware protection and ransomware protection to fight against all the latest malicious threats.

Does Your Anti-Virus Provides Full-Proof Security to Your PC

Anti-virus is software which is designed to detect and remove viruses from your PC and always ready to protect its data, information from such other similar threats. If you have anti-virus installed in your PC, it gives your relief by constantly guarding your computer from these viruses without disturbing your other programs. Viruses are software’s which are technically designed to do intent harm to your PC by stealing your precious information whether it is personal or financial and using it for some other malicious purposes.

Therefore, to take care of that you need to protect your PC from these malicious viruses and here anti-virus does an excellent job by detecting and blocking entry of any virus in your computer. Or if any virus has entered in your computer, thereby taking necessary actions anti-virus removes that virus from your computer.

There are free as well as paid versions available in the market. Free anti-virus software’s are easy to download and they are light and fast. Software companies are improving their free version of anti-virus software, day-by-day and providing its customer better and satisfactory services. Like Avast, McAfee Bitdefender, Avira provides free trial of anti-virus to its customers. For a normal internet user free anti-virus software gives a perfect protection, as their area of work is limited.

But for a person, who has various online transactions, access all his work via e-mail, access bank accounts, has saved his user name or passwords on his computer and other useful information that are saved on his computer, needs etc. protection. He will need to buy the paid anti-virus version. Buying anti-virus software gives an extra layer of protection and includes various other beneficial features, which you can’t find in a free anti-virus. You are protected with, anti-phishing, identity-theft, secure web browsing, other like features and an excellent customer support in a paid version.

After giving such high level of protection one thing comes to one’s mind is, whether your computer is completely safe from hackers? As a new virus develops each day, so how could one feel safe? Also there are other ways through which hackers try to enter into your PC, like malwares, spywares, which are sometimes not easy for anti-virus to detect.

In that case you might need combination of protection for your PC. Installing both anti-virus and anti-malware software’s in your PC will give you best protection without worrying all the time. As both software’s will do their job separately and will protect your computer from viruses as well as malwares.

Also you need to update your software’s regularly, to keep secure your PC. As a new virus evolve each day and your old anti-virus signature database could not find ways to detect new virus definitions. Therefore, anti-virus software companies also timely update their anti-virus definitions to fight against these latest threats. Thereby, scanning your computer after update you shall always do a complete scan of all of your computer’s drives. So that, updated anti-virus software could detect any new malware; if your computer got infected by it.

In addition to this, windows provide in-built firewall protection to their customers, which shall always be turned-on as it comes by default ‘on’. It provides a basic level of protection to your PC and keeps it safe.

How Should I Protect My Window PC From Malwares And Viruses

Thinking of your window’s security is important for you to secure your financial information, data as well as your privacy. Your Computer has several risks each time you access on your PC with or without using internet. There are various threats from which your computer needs protection. Out of those major threats to your computer includes Viruses and Malware’s.

Virus: A computer virus is a malicious software program, which has the ability to replicate itself, modifying other computer programs without coming into your knowledge and affecting boot sector badly. By using its own code it spreads and reproduces itself from one computer to another computer via any file or documents.

Malware: Malware is a software program which seems to be genuine but, is completely in a disguise form and technically designed to do an intentional harm by invading your computer’s security system and may affect its performance badly. It can enter into your PC in many ways through any file, document, photo or any video.

Thus, both are made to do the same work i.e. doing an immense harm to your computer system. They are sources for hackers to enter into your PC and steal information while making unauthorized access to it. There are many other ways hackers are increasingly developing to attack on your PC, so as to make more money out of it. By collecting your personal, financial information and passwords they use it for their evil purposes.

But you can protect security of your windows by following some necessary measures require for the safety of your computer from malware’s and viruses:

  • Windows provide default protection feature to keep your system secure always. Its firewall security feature that comes, by-default ‘on’ does a required job of safety.
  • You should make a well prepared strategy with a focused approach.
  • You need to do a regular scan to check whether everything is appropriate and running properly. If there is any threat to windows security. There are also various online scanners available such as bitdefender, F-Secure, McAfee etc. you can choose according to your need.
  • You should always keep back-up of your personal information, files, data and other important documents. So that, whenever you need them you’ll find them safe and available for you.
  • Using Microsoft security essentials can give you, best protection and fight with various threats keeping your computer system secure all the time.
  • Additional protection includes, downloading anti-viruses and anti-malwares which come with various beneficial features.
  • Keeping your operating system, antivirus software and browsers updated to the latest versions may help you. A modern operating system like windows 10, windows 8.1 or windows 7 is good to use for the protection of your computer against online threats.
  • Before downloading any file or documents or software you should verify its source and must download it from official and trusted sites only.
  • Your security is in your hand therefore, paying attention on it will let you win over these hurdles.

How Does A Malware Enter Into Your Computer System and Infect It

Malware is malicious software which is created with intent to do harm to one’s personal privacy and can disturb whole financial system of an organisation. Malware can do a lot of damage to your system from stealing your personal information to unauthorised access to your system. It can enter into your PC in many ways. It does not necessarily require you to connect your PC to the internet. It may enter either through pen drive or any external device like external hardrive, CDs etc you use which is already infected, while connecting it with your computer.

Today with increasing cyber-attacks cyber criminals are making use of technology to get their evil means by attacking without any extra efforts as creating such software makes their work easier. Malware can destroy your privacy completely and steal your valuable information, your credit card information, email address and passwords. Hacking has become now an easy task for them, they are developing their skills rapidly and which pull our attention towards this serious trouble.

Following are the ways through which malware enter into your computer system and harm it:

• It takes code, script, content to make unauthorised access to your computer and do harm to your privacy.

• Sometimes malware is provided by its developer as a service either on rent or paid. They even provide technical support for any trouble occurring during its application. The main purpose behind creating or providing malicious software as a service is making huge money.

• When you navigate to any website or open your emails or infected attachments or when your friends share files with you on social networking sites, your computer system might get infected because with these infected files and attachments malware makes it way to come to your PC and infect it.

• These malwares come in disguise forms which make you believe to trust that application but in reality these are fake and malicious.

• Malware also adopt its way through pirated software as well, you will find it secure and legitimate when you download it but later you find it troublesome.

• Malwares like Trojan horses damage your computer system badly, they doesn’t replicate themselves but harm your computer.

Keystroke logging is also one of the ways for malware to attack on your computer. Every keystroke made by user on their computer creates ways for hacker to steal information such as login id and passwords or other information relating to websites visited.

• Once malware gets on your system, it affects your computer’s boot system, data files and further spreads everywhere and corrupts all drives and your whole computer.

• However, one can avoid this situation by taking necessary basic precaution needed while accessing on your computer.

• You can secure your computer from these attacks by opting defenses like firewall software and anti-virus and anti-malware software. As windows offer in-built firewall security software which needs to be always turned on if you are not using any other security software.

Types of Viruses Which Are Very Dangerous For Your Computer

Computer virus is a kind of malicious software program, which looks like a genuine program but it is deceptive and has tendency to damage your system. Once it enters your computer, it automatically modifies other computer programs and takes control of whole of your computer system. Thus, it makes your PC infectious. This virus can infect on other data files, hard drive or the boot sector of your PC.

Viruses are created as like other software’s. Motive behind such creation could be to earn profit for example, with ransomware or desire to send a political message etc. Computer viruses are often spread by attachments in e-mail messages or instant messages. Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files, anything you download on the internet.

There are different kinds of viruses today that affect computers, devices and networks. These can be broadly classified as-

Boot Sector Viruses These infect the boot sector of a hard disk that is run when a device starts up. It makes the computer unable to boot. To prevent such circumstances avoid starting your computer system, using any unknown drive.

Master Boot Record Viruses those that reside in the memory and infect disks in the same manner as boot sector viruses.

File Infector Viruses File infector viruses infect program or executable files, especially .com and .exe files. These can then infect other files when an infected program is run, directly or indirectly virus gets activated from a hard drive or the network. These viruses cover major portion and can be classified on the basis of nature of actions they perform.

Multipartite Viruses – those that infect both boot records and program files, and are difficult to repair. Slowly it moves to boot sector of the hard drive and infects all the executable files and thereafter the whole system.

Macro Viruses – the most common virus type, those that infect data files. Macro viruses spread through emails. These mini-programs make it possible to automate series of operations so that they are performed as a single action, which save the user from having to carry them out one by one.

Worms A worm technically can’t be called as a virus, but it is a program very similar to a virus. It has the ability to self-replicate, and can lead to negative effects on your system and most importantly they are detected and removed by antiviruses.

Trojans or Trojan Horses – It’s a type of malware known as Trojans or Trojan horses, which unlike viruses do not reproduce by infecting other files, nor do they self-replicate like worms. It tries to cheat users appearing as a desirable virus, but which in actuality would be malicious.

Network VirusNetwork viruses rapidly spread through a Local Network Area (LAN) and sometimes throughout the internet. Generally, network viruses multiply through shared resources, i.e., shared drives and folders. When the virus infects a computer, it searches through the network to attack its new potential prey. When the virus finishes infecting that computer, it moves on to the next and the cycle repeats itself.

What Other Benefits You Enjoy By Installing Anti-Virus Software on Your Computer Besides Protection From Viruses?

Ensuring your system with a good antivirus software program is what you need to do. As your computer contains your important files and information, which may be stolen in case you have no protection suite for your computer. To keep it safe from viruses and hackers, installation of antivirus software is therefore important. Besides protecting you from viruses, malwares and the other dangerous threats your antivirus provides you many benefits.

Following are the benefits you gain from installing antivirus software on your PC:

  1. Protection Suite For You PC From Viruses

Your antivirus works as a protection suit for your PC, as it every time protects your PC from viruses, malwares etc. It protects your data, files and other personal information stored in your PC and secures it from being stolen by hackers. It detects viruses, malwares and sent it for the removal in quarantine.

  1. Protection From Hackers

A good antivirus detects viruses, malwares, keyloggers and also ransomwares. It provides you secure browsing on the internet and prevents leaking of your credit card information and bank account access from hackers. This prevents you from identity theft. Many antivirus softwares have firewall feature which automatically blocks unofficial and unwanted websites which are dangerous and are not safe to browse on. Thus, does not allow hackers to enter into your computer.

  1. Protection From Spam

Top rated antivirus softwares provide your computer solution from spam messages you receive while browsing. Anti-phishing feature attempts to identify phishing content contained in websites and e-mail or block users from being tricked. Password manager tool also helps to defend against phishing.

  1. Complete Satisfaction Through Full Scanning Set-Up

Antivirus software ensures that your system is running safely and is free from viruses. It performs default scanning of all drives of your computer. It detects viruses or malwares that might have infected your computer and quarantine when your computer found infected. You can also adjust scanning time and process accordingly when you are not working on your computer without any interruption.

  1. Improving Your Computer’s Performance

While scanning your computer, antivirus detects threats that have infected your computer which has resulted in the poor performance of your PC by making its speed slower. On removing them it improves the speed of your PC and it performs faster without getting hanged. A good antivirus provide file clean-up tool where you can remove temporary files and folders, which make your computer slower.

  1. Life Time Protection Suite

Many antivirus software companies provide free version of their protection suite. Like Avira, Webroot, Bitdefender, McAfee etc which lets you to install and uninstall software as per your satisfaction. Even you get a complete basic protection with free antivirus software. Also companies are doing more improvement in their free version with many extra benefits. Here you have option to upgrade your software to paid version; or keep updating it time to time and enjoy free protection all the time. This keeps you away from worries of protection of your PC.

Tips to Make Safari More Secure on iphone

Nowadays, we mostly conduct all our activities on our phones. With the introduction of android, iphone and smart phones, we some time do not find it necessary to open our laptop or computer as our phones have all the features in it. One of the most important features that we need in our phones is internet.  Internet has become an important part of our life. We need internet in every walk of our lives.

To make it easier, we can access chrome and Google on android but for all iphone users, there is a special search engine called Safari. Safari is the default web browser which you will find in all iphones. It also gives the power to control its security and privacy.

So if you are using iphone, this article might help you. Here are some of the steps to make Safari more secure on iphone:

Changing the Default Browser Settings

If you want to search anything then simply tap the icon in the menu bar and type your search terms.  You can use Google search as it is installed in all IOS devices but if you want to change the settings then follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the Settings app to open it
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Click on Search Engine
  4. On this screen, tap the internet searcher you need to use as your default. Your alternatives are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. You’re setting is consequently spared, so you can begin utilizing your new default internet searcher immediately.

View Save Password and Usernames

Saving the majority of your usernames and password in Safari is incredible—when you go to a site you have to sign into, your iPhone knows exactly what to do   and you don’t need to recall that anything. Since this kind of information is extremely delicate, the iPhone keeps  it safe and secure. In any case, on the off chance that you have to gaze upward a username or password you can do it by following these means:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap Passwords
  4. You’ll be made a request to approve access to this data by means of Touch ID. Put your finger on the Home catch to examine your unique mark

A rundown of all sites with their saved username and password will show up on your screen.

Clear Your Browser History and Cookies

In the event that you would prefer not to utilize Private Browsing, yet at the same time need to erase your browsing history or treats, do the accompanying:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap Clear History and Website Data
  4. A menu flies up from the base of the screen. In it, tap Clear History and Data.
  5. Need to find out about what treats are and what they’re utilized for? Look at Web Browser Cookies: Just The Facts.

By following these simple guidelines, you will enjoy browsing on Safari more than before.

Webroot Antivirus Technical Support Team- Always There to Help You 24/7

Webroot is known as one of the leading market pioneers in cloud-based, continuous internet threat detection for buyers, organizations and ventures.  The Company has altered the web security to give you the ultimate protection to its customers in number of ways when they associate on the web. Webroot conveys continuous propelled web risk assurance to clients through its BrightCloud security intelligence platform, and its SecureAnywhere suite of security items for endpoints, cell phones and corporate systems. More than 7 million shoppers, 1.5 million business clients and 1.3 million portable clients are ensured by Webroot. Market-driving security organizations, including Palo Alto Networks, F5, Cisco, RSA, NetCitadel, GateProtect, Microsoft and others pick Webroot to give advanced Internet danger assurance to their items and administrations. Established in 1997 and headquartered in Colorado, Webroot is the biggest secretly held web security organization in the United States – working all around crosswise over North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific district.

Webroot Support at Your Service

There are times when the customers face problems or queries related to the antivirus. In that case, Webroot Technical Support team is always there to help you.

If you confront any issues identified with Webroot, and you are not ready to deal with the issues individually, simply connect with the specialised help group of Webroot.  Here are some of the services which you can get from their support team:

  • If you are not able to install the software on your own then the Webroot support team is there to provide you the assistance. Before you buy a product, you ought to dependably guarantee that you are purchasing the correct variant which is good with your PC.
  • In the event that your PC has a correct setup and, but you are not able to install the software in your PC, there are chances that there is a malware of virus in your PC. You will require additional instruments to take out the current virus from your PC which is keeping you from introducing Webroot. Call the specialised help group and gain from them about the devices accessible to wipe out the infection and enable you to introduce the product in your PC.
  • This can be numerous more issues identified with Webroot that you may confront. Notwithstanding you can resolve each of them with quality arrangements which are intended to conquer these issues. Simply connect with the specialised partners accessible at Webroot Customer Service group to get the solution to your problems.

So, next time if you face any query related to the software, simply call the Webroot Tech support Toll Free Number +1-888-441-3990 and get the professional help instantly. They are available 24×7 at your services.

Download & Install Webroot Setup is Now Easier – Webroot

What is Webroot Internet Security?

Webroot Internet Security Complete is a PC security programming program for Microsoft Windows clients that consolidate SaaS cloud insurance with conventional antivirus and anti-spyware desktop innovations. Incorporated with the suite is a two-way firewall, 10GB of online reinforcement and document sharing abilities, a registry cleaner, email ant spam, secure perusing, hostile to phishing and a secret key administration benefit. Now, installing Webroot setup has become very easy. With the help of customers support team, you can easily setup this antivirus software and have hassle free surfing.

Set Up Your Webroot Account Today

The most straightforward approach to oversee security for your gadgets, regardless of whether you have one machine or a few, is readily available. You just have to access protection data and cloud-based highlights from any PC – anyplace.

Here are the following steps to start the and get ready to protect your devices with this user-friendly software:

  • Open your program and go to and click Sign up now.
  • Enter your record points of interest and enrol.
  • You will get an affirmation email at the address you gave. Take after the directions in the email to affirm your record.
  • Whenever required, enter your Webroot account qualifications to sign in.
  • You would now be able to see security data, set up cell phones, send charges, and oversee highlights. Guides You to Access the Antivirus Easily

On the off chance that you have a Webroot account, enter your email address and password, and a short time later snap Sign In. For help in getting to the record, read Access your Webroot account. If you don’t have a Webroot account, click Create an Account to finish in the close down casing with an authentic email address and password, read the security course of action, and after that snap Create Account. Use this email address and the password each time you sign in to the Webroot. If you are a first time customer, read the Terms of Service and snap Accept to set up your family. For a Regular User

For a common client there is no extra setup required. Webroot Internet Security introduces completely arranged and enhanced to give assurance without interrupting or backing you off. Clients with extra arrangement needs can get to cutting edge choices through the settings connect in the upper right corner of the principle interface.

Buyers perceive that their own data is an objective for cyber-criminals and that they are in danger over all gadgets and working frameworks. Webroot setup brings the clients with more security with webcam protection, progressed journaling and rollback, and upgraded self-learning malware identification. These additional highlights stretch out protection to a more extensive scope of uses, information and clients, making the Webroot SecureAnywhere item family a standout amongst the most convincing web security arrangements available. Webroot likewise offers another 10 permit family pack, made to address the expanding number of web associated gadgets per family unit.